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MXT tires for the HPI Baja 5T and Losi 5ive. Based on the world famous design of our original MX tire, these tires are sure to get the power to the ground. Aggressive lugs dig deep to offer superior traction in soft and loose terrain. Our exclusive rubber compound makes these tires the toughest Baja tires on the planet.

The MXT tires for the HPI Baja 5T are direct replacement tires that use the standard 5T wheels, foam inserts and bead rings. The front tires fit all 4 corners of the Losi 5ive short course 4wd truck.

Part numbers:

5355F - Front MXT in hard compound (fits Losi 5ive)

5355R - Rear MXT in hard compound

5345F - Front MXT in soft compound (fits Losi 5ive)

5345R - Rear MXT in soft compound

Hostile MX tires for the HPI Baja 5B


Hostile is proud to have been the first to offer aftermarket tires for the HPI Baja 5B. The "Nightmare" MX knobby tire for the 5B was developed with maximum durability in mind and is still the most durable 5B tire available. Critical dimensions of the carcass, sidewalls and bead areas were optimized for strength and durability. Our "Hostile" rubber compound uses only the finest natural rubber to produce a very tough final product.

The aggressive lug pattern digs deep in soft and loose conditions and gets the power to the ground. These tires are the kings of mud, rocks, gravel and grass. Hard compound only.

Does not include molded foam inserts.

Part numbers:

2355 - Hard compound MX

2365 - Extra hard compound MX

As with all of our products, these tires are proudly developed and produced in the USA.