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The new rear V2 Mini with staggered center bar pattern offers superior forward bite.

1347V2 - Soft rear V2 for the 5B

1350V2 - Medium rear V2 for the 5B

1355V2 - Hard rear V2 for the 5B

The Mini MX  tire was developed for soft and loamy race tracks but also makes for great stock replacement tire for recreational driving. Lugs smaller than the MX but slightly larger than the stock HPI tires for a more aggressive pattern. This tread is optimal on medium to medium/soft surfaces and works well on grass. Available for both front and rear tires in soft, medium and hard compounds.

Part numbers:

1347R - rear soft mini mx retail $49.99

1350R - rear medium mini mx retail $49.99

1355R - rear hard mini mx retail $49.99

1347F - front soft mini mx retail $39.99

1350F - front medium mini mx retail $39.99

1355F - front hard mini mx retail $39.99