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Hostile is proud to offer 2 types of molded foam inserts. Our premium quality standard foam inserts and a revolutionary new concept of zero-growth inserts.


Zero growth inserts offer more than just what the name implies. The goal was to create an insert that does not grow and stretch at high speed. This reduces tire growth and allows the tires to maintain their profile without a loss of traction from reduced contact patch as the tire grows and the profile thins. This allows for more consistent handling. As an added bonus, the zero-growth inserts do not require gluing to the wheel allowing for endless insert changes as conditions change. This is a must have for the serious racer or hobbyist.


Our standard foam inserts allow for some growth. This growth can be beneficial for added speed as the tire grows and creates a taller ride height when driving through rough terrain at speed. Our standard inserts are also a very economical option for high quality replacement inserts.


Hostile Racing Products molded foam inserts offer the best of new technology and are proudly made 100% in the USA.

TThe foam inserts in these vehicles act in a similar manner as the supporting air in a pneumatic tire. For this reason we can use similar logic when choosing an insert.


A softer insert will allow for a greater contact area between the tire and the running surface generating a greater amount of traction.

A firmer insert will resist compression thereby reducing the contact area, but with less sidewall flex and less growth from rotational speed. The terrain will help dictate the insert choice.


A basic guideline: Soft inserts for firm surfaces and firm inserts for soft surfaces. However, there are exceptions to every rule. For example, lower tire pressures (softer inserts) will aid in tire flotation when running on sand or snow while higher tire pressures (firmer insert) will hold the surface better on a firm, high traction surface.

 Red ring - HARD compound

Blue ring - SOFT compound