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Axle Boots for the HPI 5B and 5T

Hostile Racing Products is proud to offer axle boots for the HPI Baja 5B and 5T. These boots offer a unique feature that acts as a shock absorber in the most critical area when used with the stock HPI drive cups. The front face of the drive cup is normally cradled inside the boot. When a rock impacts that area it creates an immediate pinch that often cuts the boot. This shock absorbing feature allows for most impacts to be absorbed without creating this pinching that can cut the boots. This feature also fits the re-enforced drive cups currently available in the aftermarket but does require trimming of the boot for proper fitment. Photos and details are below.

Tips to ensure the longest life for your axle boots:
1. Sand and round sharp edges on the face of the drive cup to prevent cuts. When a rock impacts that area, any sharp edges may allow the boot to be cut.

2. Completely grease inside of boot accordions so that they do not create friction or bind. Your boots will last longer when the accordion area is full of grease.

3. Pull small end of boot toward center of axle. This will be out past the rib on the HPI axles or the knurling of aftermarket axles. The boots function best when slightly extended rather than bunched up. The photo below shows the knurling. Be sure to pull the small end out past the knurling towards the center of the axle.

4. Please understand that axle boots are subjected to an extreme application. They are spun at a high rate of speed and backed by metal so that when a rock hits the boot it creates a pinch with great force that can and will cut any material used. These boots are made of the highest quality rubber to ensure the longest life possible for this application, but harsh and rocky conditions will greatly affect the life of your boots.

5. The black boots require the use synthetic or silicone based grease. Petroleum based grease may cause the boots to swell.

6. The gray boots can be used with petroleum based grease.

6. When running aftermarket drive cups with a ring or if the boots are rubbing or twisting, you may need to trim the end of the boots back or clear the inside of the stock hub carriers to eliminate any rubbing or binding.